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AVANI – Mini Fireplace Tool Using Gas Fuel

October 25th, 2012 Filed under: Home Appliances, Kitchen

This is a mini fireplace tool, built using electricity. A practical tool to carry anywhere, when they need a fireplace. Unique fireplace with beam design is small and portable. Designed by Brasa Fire. Equipment with gas fuel ignition, and this allows us to create a fire. Without the use of wood, kerosene, and other fuels. Because AVANI mini fireplace is created from stainless steel and special ceramic to withstand the temperature. So this tool as well as a multi-functional antique home accessories. The use of bio-ethanol fuel that can produce clean combustion. Equipped with a ceramic shell, so it is safe to be placed in the room. Equipped with volume knob to set the desired flame. Let’s review a few pictures below, and hope the information is useful for you.

mini fireplace ceramic material

AVANI Mini Fireplace Tool Using Gas Fuel

mini fireplace portable function